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Garmin vívofit jr. 2, Disney Frozen 2 - Elsa

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Provide interactive fun for kids with this Garmin fitness tracker. Its Disney Princess adventure app offers inspiring daily activities, and the parental personal assistant syncs smart devices to monitor chores and designate virtual rewards for accomplished tasks. The customizable screen and comfortable band of this Garmin fitness tracker make it a stylish, durable accessory.

Keep track of your child's daily activity
With the Garmin Jr.™ app, parents can view activity, responsibilities, sleep, chore data and more after syncing with compatible devices.

Chores and Rewards
Assign tasks and chores from the app, and designate a reward virtual coin value. Those in-app coins can be redeemed by your kiddos for agreed-upon rewards.

Reminder alerts and task timer
Chores and homework getting buried under snow? Set reminder alerts and task timers.

Comfy and Durable
This comfy, durable band is blizzard-ready. It’s also swim friendly for summer.

Fitness Cards
With Olaf as their coach, your kids will learn basic exercise moves from new fitness training cards, including jumping jacks, downward dog, mountain climbers and more.

Stay Active Together
Link up with your friends on the Garmin Connect™ online network, and connect with other families in the Garmin jr. app. Interact and compete in multifamily weekly step challenges.

Kid Mode
Enable Kid Mode in the Garmin jr. app to give your kid limited access to monitor and check off their own chores and to view the latest mission in their app adventure

No recharging needed
The easy-to-replace battery lasts up to 1 year. Plenty of time to build a snowman.

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